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Translation Pricing: Per Word or Per Page?

Just recently I have come across the following web page, dealing with the pricing of translation jobs. In this otherwise very interesting text that I can agree with, one thing surprised me.

Let me quote: The pricing for translation projects can be done on a flat fee basis, such as price per page or hourly rate. However, this is not an industry standard nor is it recommended for many reasons. First, as every document is different, the number of words per page can vary significantly. Also, many countries use different sizes of paper. As for hourly rates, each translator has his or her own pace.” 

While I can agree with the hourly rates bit I don’t dig the arguments in favour of the per word pricing. Continue reading


Why to Choose a Freelancer over an Agency

As you might have read on the About page, this blog is kind of self-promotion of my freelance translation business and part of my “massive attack” on social media. But before I really start describing my experience of going social I wish to say a couple of words about the benefits of hiring a freelance translator.  Continue reading