ITD2013: Likes and Don’t Likes

Though having been around for more than ten years as a translator now, it’s only this year that I’ve learnt there is something called International Translation Day to celebrate. I know it’s sad I have been such an ignorant for so long, but now I wish to join this year’s worldwide celebrations with my likes and don’t likes about translating.



A shy person by nature, I like being able to get social with fellow translators, clients and other persons involved in the art of translation. With the help of the Internet, email and various social networks I can do this without having to meet anyone in person.

Learning new things

To keep and expand my level of expertise, I am always happy to accept new translation challenges. Doing a thorough research in order to deliver professional results not only broadens my general knowledge but I often learn new things I have never heard of before (just like this International Translation Day stuff).

Managing my time

As a freelancer, I love that I can manage my own time and usually do things when I find it most convenient. Even though there are always deadlines to meet, there’s no one to boss me around when to do this or that (except for myself, of course). Sure, there is a downside to it: I sometimes get overwhelmed by my laziness and then have to stay up overnight. However, I can stay longer in my bed the day after…

Keeping touch with technology

Though this goes hand in hand with learning new things, I feel it deserves to be mentioned here on its own. All these wonderful CAT tools and smart technology out there just make my life easier, increase my productivity and enhance the overall quality of my work.

…& Don’t Likes

Chasing the clients to get paid

As I explained above, I’m a shy person by nature and I just hate doing this. Full-stop.


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