Do Not Follow

Still a newbie to #twitter (tweeting for less than a year as part of my social network venture-adventure), I can’t understand one thing. Who are these people that follow you one day, and unfollow two days later if you don’t follow back.

I’ve always thought twitter is about following people you’re interested in, or that you like. Yet it seems there are some “entities” that follow you only to see you follow them back so their Followers counter can grow. Come on, if you are not genuinely interested in what I have to say (I know it’s nothing extraordinary), stay away. I will never re-follow someone just because they follow me, unless I find their tweets interesting, witty, wise, or otherwise appealing to my heart.

There’s only one thing left to say: #FYVM.


2 thoughts on “Do Not Follow

  1. I think there are different levels of Twitter and various types of follows. For example, I follow a number of politicians, charities, large organisations, etc. because I am interested in what they have to say. I wouldn’t expect them to follow me back because they couldn’t possibly keep up with a feed with tweets by thousands of people. On the other hand, I follow people in the translation industry because I am hoping we can build some sort of mutually beneficial rapport. If they don’t follow me back, I gather from this that they are not interested in having any kind of connection and I will unfollow them unless their tweets are exceptionally worthwhile and interesting.


  2. Dear @nikki_graham, I meant no offence to you personally. It’s a pure coincidence I wrote this post just after you had unfollowed (and I didn’t even know). I was rather thinking about different kinds of businesses, I guess, that seek to increase the number of their followers this way. That’s why I put ‘entities’ in the post.


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