Translations from hell; or Did you think ‘Region that go, project that you find’ was the worst you had seen?

A lot has been written about website translations that went completely wrong. While some of them have made headlines, such as Expo 2015 ‘Google Translate’ scandal , there are still more that go largely unnoticed, though their headlines deserve it.


As I was researching the web to find out more about juvenile correctional facilities for my current translation job, I came across a website that made my eyes and brain hurt. See for yourself because I lack the words to describe it properly without squeezing my mental powers completely dry. I first thought it was done by incompetent translators. But no, it’s Mr Gurgle Translate’s doing and it’s complete gibberish.

Though I’m not a native English speaker, I am really upset to see what the so-called machine translation technology can do to the language.

And this brings me to a dilemma: Which is worse, companies and websites that use machine translation, or MT software developers that try hard to push their shitty tools through?


PS. Just a few handpicked headlines for those who don’t want to waste their time clicking on the gibberish, GT-powered website. But if you feel brave enough, brace yourself and click below:

We will hang on my pants laces Figel ‘, says Fico
Electrician dropped from 20 meters, the mast repaired management
In Trnava stop express train, billowing smoke from it
Drivers beware, the weekend concluded Bratislava tunnel Sitina
Poprad found a burned car, it was a corpse women
Nobody in the world would be under Lavrov did not seek to dominate


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