Translating content, not words

My name is Tomáš Donoval and I’m ready to help you reach out to your target audience on the Slovak market. If you want translations for your business website, your marketing materials “transcreated” in Slovak, or if you have a contract to translate, I deliver what you need.  I use my academic background in marketing communication, hand-on experience in journalism and translation, and my passion for social networking to assist you in achieving your business goals.

Even if you believe an English version of your website is enough to engage customers abroad as well, you might be wrong. A recent Eurobarometer survey has showed that 45% of online users in the European Union only visit websites in their native languages. Another global survey, by Common Sense Advisory, has found that 75% of customers prefer to buy from websites containing information in their language, while 55% would only buy from a website written in their language. For those with limited English, the preference for mother-tongue purchases increases to 80% or more.

Having freelanced as a translator for most of my professional life, covering a variety of different subjects, I’ve now decided to transform into a ‘boutique’ translation provider specialising on three key domains: business contracts, PR & marketing and on-line & digital content. More than thirteen years of cooperation with direct clients from business and private sectors, NGOs and translation agencies have given me an extensive knowledge base and necessary insight that I now want to put at your service. Is there anything I can do for you?

Key domains*:

  • business contracts
  • PR & marketing
  • on-line & digital content

* Naturally, you may ask for a translation in a different field. I’ll let you know if I feel confident enough to deliver the best result.

Language pairs:

  • English to Slovak
  • Slovak to English
  • Czech to Slovak
  • Czech to English (occasionally)


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