Cenu nikdy neoklameš

Za to, že dnes nemajú živnostníci peniaze od veľkých stavebných firiem, zodpovedá vláda, v ktorej sedel pán Figeľ. Za cenovú politiku, keď dávali firmám stavať diaľnice za 30 až 40 % reálnej hodnoty len preto, lebo si mysleli, že ukážu vláde Roberta Fica, ako lacno sa dajú diaľnice stavať. No nedajú sa. Jednoducho neoklamete nikdy cenu, zdôraznil premiér.

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My Translation Story in Exactly Six Words

6wordsI have seen Marta Stelmaszak’s (@mstelmaszak) invitation to translators to submit their translation stories in not more, not less than six words. For those who do not follow Marta’s website, here is a story about my normal day as a freelance translator:

Coffee, computer, call, client, creativity … collapse.

And what is yours? If you have one, share it here in a comment below, or at Marta’s website.

PS. Thank you, Marta, it’s an excellent idea.

Why Go For a Boutique Translator

In case you have ever wondered what ‘boutique’ in the header of this website means I guess I owe a little explanation here. For years, I have worked as a ‘general’ translator, specialising on anything and nothing at the same time. And though I have never faced a major fuckup even when I did translations on topics I was not hundred percent familiar with, I’ve come to realised there are certain fields which I feel more comfortable about than the others. Be it of my own interest, or just that I’ve gained enough experience over the years, I have now enough knowledge and expertise to say I can deliver close-to-the-best quality translations in those domains. What does that mean to you?

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Najlepšia sociálna platforma pre freelancových prekladateľov a niekoľko ALE



Ak chcete uspieť, musia o vás vedieť. Vybudujte si svoju osobnú značku a zvýšte svoju viditeľnosť na internete, získate klientov. Najlepší spôsob je využiť možnosti, ktoré ponúkajú sociálne siete. Podobnými zaručenými radami sa internet len tak hemží, tak som si povedal, že sa nimi budem riadiť. Continue reading Najlepšia sociálna platforma pre freelancových prekladateľov a niekoľko ALE

Lesson learnt, homework to be done



After I had decided to attend a Freelancer Box on Tour workshop on marketing for freelance translators in Bratislava during #hdsapt2014 I started thinking what they could possibly teach me there that I hadn’t already known. After all, I had studied marketing at a university, so it would probably be the same old stuff. Continue reading Lesson learnt, homework to be done


Last week I followed tweets from #TranslatingEurope Forum just to get an idea what Europe thinks about the future of the translation industry. While some of them seemed very interesting and gave me valuable insights on some aspects of the translation work I’ve never thought of before (especially with respect to intellectual property rights of tranlsators), others made my jaw drop. As a 100% human CAT (author’s note: computer assisted translator), anything that mentions machine translation drives me slowly insane. Continue reading Translaminator