It’s that time of year again

Once again, my inbox has been overflown with offers from translation agencies looking for qualified translators into various EU languages because they are preparing bids for tenders for translation services announced by this or that EU institution. And I am again puzzled, as usual.

1. Dear agencies, why do you want to sell something you do not have resources for?

2. Dear EU, why are your tender rules so fucking wrong? Or do you really believe you can get a high-quality translation in *insert the language of one country* from an agency residing in *insert the name of a different country* that starts hunting for translators only when your tender has been published?

I guess the EU should start discriminating here, a little at least, and publish tenders for individual languages that would only be open to bidders from a country where the language is spoken. If agencies require that translators only translate into their native language, why the same rule should not apply to them?


Cenu nikdy neoklameš

Za to, že dnes nemajú živnostníci peniaze od veľkých stavebných firiem, zodpovedá vláda, v ktorej sedel pán Figeľ. Za cenovú politiku, keď dávali firmám stavať diaľnice za 30 až 40 % reálnej hodnoty len preto, lebo si mysleli, že ukážu vláde Roberta Fica, ako lacno sa dajú diaľnice stavať. No nedajú sa. Jednoducho neoklamete nikdy cenu, zdôraznil premiér.

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My Translation Story in Exactly Six Words

6wordsI have seen Marta Stelmaszak’s (@mstelmaszak) invitation to translators to submit their translation stories in not more, not less than six words. For those who do not follow Marta’s website, here is a story about my normal day as a freelance translator:

Coffee, computer, call, client, creativity … collapse.

And what is yours? If you have one, share it here in a comment below, or at Marta’s website.

PS. Thank you, Marta, it’s an excellent idea.