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Musing of the day IV (a single-sentence blog post)

He who pays peanuts gets bananas.



Translations from hell; or Did you think ‘Region that go, project that you find’ was the worst you had seen?

A lot has been written about website translations that went completely wrong. While some of them have made headlines, such as Expo 2015 ‘Google Translate’ scandal , there are still more that go largely unnoticed, though their headlines deserve it.


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Cenu nikdy neoklameš

Za to, že dnes nemajú živnostníci peniaze od veľkých stavebných firiem, zodpovedá vláda, v ktorej sedel pán Figeľ. Za cenovú politiku, keď dávali firmám stavať diaľnice za 30 až 40 % reálnej hodnoty len preto, lebo si mysleli, že ukážu vláde Roberta Fica, ako lacno sa dajú diaľnice stavať. No nedajú sa. Jednoducho neoklamete nikdy cenu, zdôraznil premiér.

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Can Translation Hurt?

If blade damage, don’t be fly, otherwise it will create the human body or blame damage. Now, how’s that for a perfect safety warning! I’ve just found a picture of it in my Facebook feed, originally posted by Translators do it better, and here I am.


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