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Musing of the day IV (a single-sentence blog post)

He who pays peanuts gets bananas.



Top Seven Mistakes to Avoid If You Want to Make Any Money As a Translator

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New and beginning unispired translators often ask on LinkedIn, Translation Journal (which is now for sale!), or blogs and in other venues where unemployed and severely underemployed translators waste on average between 2 to 5 hours a day where to find well paying work.

What these new translators don’t seem to realize is that a “digital water cooler” is the last place where one should look for this kind of advice. Most of the people who have the time to provide free advice obviously don’t have enough work for themselves either, otherwise they would not be wasting their time answering dumb questions online.

And since translators who actually know how to get well paying jobs don’t exactly need a lot of competition from cheap newbies, most of the advice that old timers so generously dispensed online is really well disguised misdirection aimed at squashing potential future competitors before they…

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Is Good Translation Cheap?

That government and public authorities here in Slovakia procure poor translations does not surprise me at all. They blame it on the omnipresent economic crisis, the need to consolidate public finance and streamline their budgets. But I’ve never thought that similar problems with translations may occur in the US as well. Continue reading