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Lesson learnt, homework to be done



After I had decided to attend a Freelancer Box on Tour workshop on marketing for freelance translators in Bratislava during #hdsapt2014 I started thinking what they could possibly teach me there that I hadn’t already known. After all, I had studied marketing at a university, so it would probably be the same old stuff. Continue reading


ITD2013: Likes and Don’t Likes

Though having been around for more than ten years as a translator now, it’s only this year that I’ve learnt there is something called International Translation Day to celebrate. I know it’s sad I have been such an ignorant for so long, but now I wish to join this year’s worldwide celebrations with my likes and don’t likes about translating.

Continue reading

Do Native Slovak (Czech, Polish … ) Freelance Translators Really Live in Asia?

I found a job posting at one of the freelancer search sites that I thought I was a perfect match for: We have a text presentation in English which should be translated into Czech and Slovakian.

Oh nice, I said to myself. I’m a native Slovak translator so I just may be the man for the Slovak part of the job. I placed my bid and scrolled down the page to see who the other bidders were. Continue reading