Technical announcement

Owing to my growing paranoia and recent developments on major social platforms, I have deactivated all but one of my accounts on centralised corporate social sites and moved to a federated multiverse. From now on, you will only find me on Mastodon ( and Instagram (because they have nice pictures there). My accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin are deactivated so you won’t find me posting there. However, if you do, please note it’s not me.

Tips: Starter Pack for Freelance Translators

Have you ever wondered what you need to start working as a freelance translator?

Apart from perfectly mastering at least two languages and having great research skills, there’s not much you actually need. In fact, there are exactly four essential things that come to my mind. See the short video below if you’re curious what they are.

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The last weekend everyone – well, at least all the sane people – in the Czech Republic and Slovakia celebrated the 30th anniversary of the 1989 Velvet Revolution that put an end to the totalitarian Communist regime in the former Czechoslovakia. Now that the celebrations are over, I have been thinking what this event meant to me as a translator.


Why Go For a Boutique Translator

January 23, 2015October 29, 2015 by #translationfreelancer

In case you have ever wondered what ‘boutique’ means when it comes down to translation I guess I owe a little explanation here. For years, I have worked as a ‘general’ translator, specialising on anything and nothing at the same time. And though I have never faced a major fuckup even when I did translations on topics I was not hundred percent familiar with, I’ve come to realised there are certain fields which I feel more comfortable about than the others. Be it of my own interest, or just that I’ve gained enough experience over the years, I have now enough knowledge and expertise to say I can deliver close-to-the-best quality translations in those domains. What does that mean to you?  Continue reading “Why Go For a Boutique Translator”