Video: Plans

Point one on the list, checked. Working hard on point three, point two definitely needs more effort and commitment on my part.

Video: Introducing the #xl8freelancer

It took me a couple of years to redesign my business website. Not because I didn’t know what I wanted but just because I am so lazy.

After the months of procrastination, I have finally put it online now. This video is a brief summary of how gradually changed from prekladydontom to xl8freelancer. Enjoy and share if you like. And don’t forget to contact me if you need any of the services offered by the xl8freelancer.

Translator’s Rant


February 13, 2019 by #translationfreelancer

Just a regular pissed translator’s rant.
Deadline? Maximum an hour.
Rate? A free test!?

I’ve never heard of such a fancy thingy.

Well, dear job poster, FUCK OFF. Continue reading “Translator’s Rant”

Why Go For a Boutique Translator

January 23, 2015October 29, 2015 by #translationfreelancer

In case you have ever wondered what ‘boutique’ means when it comes down to translation I guess I owe a little explanation here. For years, I have worked as a ‘general’ translator, specialising on anything and nothing at the same time. And though I have never faced a major fuckup even when I did translations on topics I was not hundred percent familiar with, I’ve come to realised there are certain fields which I feel more comfortable about than the others. Be it of my own interest, or just that I’ve gained enough experience over the years, I have now enough knowledge and expertise to say I can deliver close-to-the-best quality translations in those domains. What does that mean to you?  Continue reading “Why Go For a Boutique Translator”