The summer has finally arrived. For me, at least.

The kids are gone for the summer. No need to take them to school and kindergarten in the morning. No need to pick them up in the afternoon. I can sleep until nine. Or even ten. I can work as late as I want (or have to ­čśü). It’s just me and my lady. And beer.


The #translationfreelancer is enjoying himself.

And there’s still plenty of time to complete my summer project.



I had a plan. In April. I wanted to rebrand myself. My website, my social accounts, my email, everything.

I even drafted a bulleted list. With ideas. New designs. Deadlines. Mailing lists. Resources. Tips for fellow translators. Tips for customers. Useful links. And other cool stuff.

I planned to finish by the last of May. Then by the end of June.

Now it has become my summer project. I hope it will be ready by September. Stay tuned to see how I go on.

If nothing unexpected happens, you can see my brave brand new self by Christmas.

Your #translationfreelancer.

Najlep┼íia soci├ílna platforma pre freelancov├Żch prekladate─żov a nieko─żko ALE



Ak chcete uspie┼ą, musia o┬áv├ís vedie┼ą. Vybudujte si svoju osobn├║ zna─Źku a┬ázv├Ż┼íte svoju vidite─żnos┼ą na internete, z├şskate klientov. Najlep┼í├ş sp├┤sob je vyu┼żi┼ą mo┼żnosti, ktor├ę pon├║kaj├║ soci├ílne siete. Podobn├Żmi zaru─Źen├Żmi radami sa internet len tak hem┼ż├ş, tak som si povedal, ┼że sa nimi budem riadi┼ą. Continue reading Najlep┼íia soci├ílna platforma pre freelancov├Żch prekladate─żov a nieko─żko ALE

Lesson learnt, homework to be done



After I┬áhad decided to attend a Freelancer Box on Tour workshop on marketing for freelance translators in Bratislava during #hdsapt2014 I started thinking┬áwhat they could possibly teach me there that I hadn’t already known. After all, I had studied marketing at a university, so it would probably be the same old stuff. Continue reading Lesson learnt, homework to be done


Last week I followed tweets from #TranslatingEurope Forum just to get an idea what Europe thinks about the future of the translation industry. While some of them seemed very interesting and gave me valuable insights on some aspects of the translation work I’ve never thought of before (especially with respect to intellectual property rights of tranlsators), others┬ámade my┬ájaw drop. As a 100% human CAT (author’s note: computer assisted translator), anything that mentions┬ámachine translation┬ádrives me slowly insane. Continue reading Translaminator